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                             On March 5, 2002, AT&T
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                                  David Dorman


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                                   Safe Harbor

The following are  "forward-looking  statements" which are based on management's
beliefs as well as on a number of assumptions  concerning  future events made by
and information  currently available to management.  The audiences are cautioned
not to put undue reliance on such  forward-looking  statements,  which are not a
guarantee of performance and are subject to a number of uncertainties  and other
factors,  many of which are outside  AT&T's  control,  that could  cause  actual
results  to  differ  materially  from  such  statements.  For  a  more  detailed
description of the factors that could cause such a difference, please see AT&T's
filings  with  the  Securities  and  Exchange  Commission.  AT&T  disclaims  any
intention  or  obligation  to update or revise any  forward-looking  statements,
whether  as a result  of new  information,  future  events  or  otherwise.  This
information  is presented  solely to provide  additional  information to further
understand the results of AT&T.

Additional Information And Where To Find It

On December  19,  2001,  AT&T and  Comcast  agreed to combine  AT&T's  broadband
business with Comcast.  In connection with the proposed  transactions,  AT&T and
Comcast will file a joint proxy  statement/prospectus  with the  Securities  and
Exchange Commission.  Investors and security holders are urged to carefully read
the joint proxy statement/prospectus regarding the proposed transactions when it
becomes available, because it will contain important information.  Investors and
security holders may obtain a free copy of the joint proxy  statement/prospectus
(when it is available) and other documents containing information about AT&T and
Comcast,  without charge,  at the SEC's web site at  Free copies of
AT&T's  filings may be obtained by directing a request to AT&T Corp.,  295 North
Maple Avenue,  Basking Ridge,  NJ 07920,  Attention:  Investor  Relations.  Free
copies of  Comcast's  filings may be obtained by  directing a request to Comcast
Corporation,   1500  Market  Street,   Philadelphia,   Pennsylvania  19102-2148,
Attention: General Counsel.

Participants In Solicitation

AT&T,  Comcast and their  respective  directors,  executive  officers  and other
members of their  management and employees may be soliciting  proxies from their
respective  stockholders  in connection  with the proposed  merger.  Information
concerning AT&T's  participants in the solicitation is set forth in AT&T's proxy
statement for its annual  meeting of  stockholders,  filed with the SEC on March
30, 2001.

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                      T Communications Services Strengths

                             Operational Excellence
                               Market Opportunity
                              Competitive Strength
                              Financial Flexibility

         Business                                   Consumer

4 M+ customers                              ~60 M customers
$14 B growth services revenue               Leader in long distance voice
Leader in enterprise                        Developing integrated
  customer relationships                      service offerings

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                          Unparalleled Consumer Assets

                                   60 million

     Financial                                                   Comprehensive
     Strength                                                       consumer
                              [AT&T Consumer Logo]

     AT&T's Global                                              World renowned
        Network                                                   AT&T brand


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                             AT&T Business Services
                              Strategic Priorities

Access & Local......Connectivity Services......Managed Services......Outsourcing

- Global  Enterprise  Networking Leader
        - Grow revenue share in Local and Global
        - Grow  Data/IP  revenues  with  industry
        - Maintain  LD Voice revenue share
- Improve "growth" service  profitability
- Maximize scale levers to deliver the lowest unit costs

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                                Transforming AT&T

Sales and Service

- Deepened bench in sales leadership
- Increased Data/IP and Local sales force
- Simplified  product  offerings
- Revamped  sales  incentive  programs
- Launched Solutions Center

Customer Care and Provisioning

- One  Organization  responsible  for  end-to-end  customer  care
- Realigned resources to build and service  growth  portfolio
- Leverage AT&T Labs resources to focus on customer  priorities
- Engineering and  development  driving process cost reductions
- E-enablement/Concept of One

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Access & Local
                             Scaling Local Services

- Presence in 85 Cities in 67 MSAs
- Covers ~75% of Business Local Market

[Graphic map of United States showing cities covered]

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Access & Local

                      Managing Market Profitability Drivers

2001 Annualized
% Margin

             Omaha X X    O         O     O                           X New York
        x x         O O                   X            X  X    X
                 X                  O                 O         X X
  x          x xxx             O                x                  X
     x                                OO
                   O O               O X
   x   x
                      O Hartford
   X x  X
   x  x
    x  x
     x   x

     0$                                                           $150
                           2001 Annualized Revenue $M

                                                Gross Plant Scale
                                                x < $50M   O < $100M   X < $300M

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                               Building Solutions

Leveraging the Network Outsourcing Opportunity

$ Billions


                                              X $74 B
                           X $65 B
         X $59 B
                                                                  2000-2004 10%

          2002               2003               2004

Source:  IDC, February 2002

                  Growing revenues in long-term value-added relationships

1995                              2000                              2002

            Local Area    Internet          Work-at-home                 Next
              Network     Services              VPN                   Generation
            Management                                                  Network


                PBX      Call Center          Computer-              Call Center
             Management   Technology          Telephony               Consulting
                          Management         Integration

                                              Voice Mail

              Custom Solutions.....Managed Services Offer Incubator

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Managed Services

                         Establishing Market Leadership

Best Solutions                             e-Infrastructure
Hosting Provider                           - Hosting
- Web Hosting Magazine                     - Intelligent Content
                                             Distribution Services
                                           - Managed Data Storage

Best Overall                               Enhanced Virtual Private Networks
Managed Services Portal                    - Extranets
- Tier 1 Research                          - Intranets
                                           - Remote Access
                                           - IP Security

VPN Market Leader                          High Availability & Security Services
- Yankee Group                             - Ultravailable Solutions
                                           - Business Continuity Assessment
                                           - Managed Firewall Services
                                           - Managed Token Authentication
                                           - Managed Intrusion Detection

AT&T Global VPN Service                    Managed Network Services
- Network Magazine                         - Managed Frame and ATM
  Product of the Year                      - Managed Router Services
                                           - Network Application Services

                                           Internet Access Services
                                           - Managed Internet Services
                                           - Private Label Services

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Managed Services

                          Enterprise Hosting Continuum

           Increasing Levels of Management and Performance Guarantees

Complexity of Managed

Business Applications                                   AT&T Managed Hosting       AT&T Enhanced
                                                        Managed Hosting            Managed Hosting *New!*
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
                             Client Managed             - AT&T Provides            - Fully managed
                             Hosting                      Component Level            environment with event
                                                          Management                 correlation across
                                                                                     network, system and
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
Servers                      - Customer Managed         - Component Level SLAs     - Transaction Level SLAs
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
Hardware/Software            - Optional Component       - AT&T Manages             - Operational processes
                               Monitoring                 Standard Vendor "Off       supporting transactional
                                                          the Shelf "Applications    level SLAs
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
WAN/LAN Management           - Optional Component       - AT&T Obtains Root        - Application Due Diligence
                               Management                 Access                     required to plan, design,
                                                                                     deploy and manage an end
                                                                                     to end environment
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
Hosting                      - Customer Maintains       - Portal Service           - Portal Service
Data Centers                   Root Access
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
                             Client Managed             AT&T Managed               AT&T Enhanced Managed
---------------------------- -------------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------

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                           Global Enterprise Services

           Shift of Value Proposition in Customer Driven Architecture

AT&T as                                                              AT&T as
Integrated                                                           Integrated
Supplier                                                             Supplier

Americas                  Europe        Asia/Pacific               International


                           AT&T Retail Services/Applications

                           - Managed  Data  Services  and  Solutions
                           - Hosting/Co-Location
                           - IP Data
                           - FR/ATM Data
                           - Voice Applications


                           Target Agreements/AT&T Purchases of Capacity

                           - Commercial Arrangements
                           - Barter/Swaps
                           - Co-Build
                           - Equity Participation

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                             [Graphic of AT&T Logo]